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    Fenton Street Market Giveaway

    I am participating in the Fenton Street Market for the next two weekends as a vendor.  I am really excited.  I have been in the letterpress studio printing away and it was awesome to depart a bit from printing wedding related work.  amelia irene design was selected as one of the vendors for the scavenger hunt at the market.  Shoppers will have the opporutunity to visit various vendors looking for items that they will keep for free.  In following w/ the giving spirit and to celebrate my first craft show experience I am also going to giveaway the set of 6 green letterpress thank you cards to my blog readers.  Simply leave a comment on what you are thankful for as your entry!  I will randomly select the winner and notify everyone on the blog.  If you are in the DC metro area stop by the fenton street market on Saturday to see other cards and fresh floral designs I am featuring!







    and the winner is...

    March and April were much busier months than I had originally planned.  A local real estate broker contacted me in the beginning of March inquiring about my services.  She wanted to send invites to an event she was planning in April and wanted the invite to catch the eye of agents when received in their offices.  So the task was unique but cost effective after all she was sending close to 200 invites!  I prepared three samples based on our initial consultation and I am sharing them in this post.  Ultimately the simple khaki invite with the moss green ribbon accent was selected.  In a follow-up I will share the final outcome now that I have dug my way out of 180 invites.  It is a good thing I love khaki and moss green!  This simple design also makes a great DIY project for the hands on bride or party planner.  I will post the step by step of this simple design.



    And the winner is....Sample #1:














    Beyond Vanilla and Buttercream Think Sweet Potato!

    Most brides, myself included, select a safe choice when selecting their wedding cakes - vanilla cake with buttercream icing.  With bakers offering many more flavors for wedding cakes coupled with the cupcake craze you are no longer limited to such a simple cake.  Last year I discovered Delectable Cakery, home of the Washingtonian Sweet Potato Cake.  They had just opened in Mt. Ranier, MD a quaint town with a booming arts district on the border of DC. I read about the cake in the Washington Post while reading an article about The Brookland Cafe (another favorite in my neighborhood!) and had to try for myself.  To say I was in heaven was an understatement!  They make a chocolate sweet potato marble cake with chocolate icing that is divine although the combination at first glance doesn't seem appealing it is truly one of the best cakes I have tasted.  The great thing about Delectable is they offer their goodies in cupcakes and wedding cakes!  So in planning your wedding or special event think beyond vanilla and buttercream and consider Sweet Potato!  

    Delectable Cakery


    Stumbled upon Recycled Bride

    My latest internet addiction is Stumble Upon, a web search engine and social media site combined.  You utilize the stumble tool bar to navigate through the web to sites that you are interested in.  When registering on the site you have an opportunity to select various topics of interest and you will only stumble on sites that fall within those categories.  You can also identify your favorites and connect with friends who share similar interests and share websites with them hence the social media aspect of the site.

    Well I have found some really great sites as a result of stumble upon one in particular is The Recycled Bride.  I really wish I knew about this when I got married.  I had so many items that I could have sold to recoup some of the cost spent.  With numerous categories you are bound to find something that you can use for your wedding or sell to someone else.  The other great part is it is free to buy and sell.