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    Wedding Wire for Marketing

    I decide to give Wedding Wire a try as another way to market my business.  I updated my "storefront" and a couple of my past clients have already submitted reviews.  Check out my page and tell me what you think.



    Colorful Bouquets

    I receive the Martha Stewart weddings daily email blast because lets face it who doesn’t love to see what Martha and her team create.  Well maybe only people like me who love all things involved with weddings, entertaining and crafts.  Nonetheless usually when I see the email come to my inbox I determine whether I look at the content right away based on the title.  So of course I couldn’t resist “colorful bouquets” which was the title for this blast.  I assumed I would open it to photos of multi color bouquets but found numerous bouquets of designed in monochromatic style of various colors.  Although it was not what I expected I was excited to see the designs because they were reflective of my own design style.  I love to group flowers of the same color family together that have different shapes and texture.  This style creates a dramatic look without having to arrange a large number of different flowers.  Take a look and tell me which bouquet is your favorite. 




    Color Swatches and Event Planning

    In meeting with brides and other potential clients I often find the greatest challenge is trying to explain that flowers and paper don’t come in the same color as the swatch of fabric they have given me.  Particularly with  flowers in which the color is completely out of my control.  Because this is a challenge for both clients and vendors I decided to look for resources that can help both in the design process.  My goal in designing any event is to ensure that I am creating what my client wants.  This is their event and determining the right color palette for a wedding, shower or other special event is often the most crucial decision in the planning process.  The color determines everything, the mood, the color palette for the invitations, flowers, linens, cake and numerous other details.  In meeting with vendors it is very important that all of them are on the same page in regards to the colors you are incorporating.  That is why many vendors require you to provide a swatch of the colors to ensure they are able to get as close to the color as possible as it is not easy matching colors as they come in all shades.  

    Recently I have seen the ads by the Dessy Group who partnered with pantone to develop wedding swatches so that brides can finally have swatches to share with their vendors.  After seeing these ads in the latest wedding magazines I decided to head to the website and check it out.  I was impressed that not only do they provide the bride with 14 swatches they now offer a fan book of the colors so that makes it easier for vendors when consulting with brides.

    In selecting the color palette for any event just make sure you are selecting something that you will enjoy as it will be incorporated into several elements seen prior to the event, during the event and following the event.  It should reflect your personality and the theme you are trying to capture in the event.  You must own it from beginning to end, from the invitation to the thank you note.

    In addition to the Dessy Group there are other online resources available to assist in creating the perfect color palette.  Check out Adobe Kuler as well as Color Schemer. I also love the inspiration boards you can create on Style Me Pretty.  The board can immediately provide the vendor with an overall view of your vision for the event.  It also will help you stay focused on the elements of the day.

    I would love to know how you determined the color scheme for your wedding or special event.  My wedding colors were apple green and cream with hot pink accents.  Green is my favorite color so it was important to have it be the focal color of that special day. 

    Just remember that whatever color palette you select you provide the vendor with many samples of various items so that they have a better understanding of what you want.  In addition to a swatch of the fabric from the bridesmaid dress bring the invitation if it has already been selected, a sample of the favor and photos. No matter how small the item may seem it may be the very item that brings it all together.  Happy planning!



    Crafty Wedding Ideas

    I love the art of craft so it is no surprise that I have built my business around the concept of handmade designs.  For me that is where is all began.  I hand wrote my invitations for the first party I ever planned, my fifth birthday party, and it is one of my most memorable childhood moments.  While I am not suggesting you handwrite the invitations to your wedding I am recommending that you incorporate handmade details for your special day.  I believe one misconception is that a handmade wedding will look cheap or second hand or that everything has to be made by the bride. The recent resurgence of young, hip craftsmen and craftswomen has abolished this myth.  A bride can now take pride that they have incorporated elements in their wedding that were made by the hands of artisans that take pride and care in their work.  Designers are creating couture creations for the simple chic bride as well as the luxury bride.  Now for the crafty savvy bride I highly encourage you to dust off those craft skills you learned long ago and take on a few handmade DIY projects that you can incorporate into your wedding.  You will soon discover what you can do yourself and what you need to rely on others to make for you.  Stay tuned for future postings of projects that I have created for the DIY bride as well as crafters that focus on handmade wedding designs.  My recent finds include Holland Cox. Her handbags and handmade organization sets are perfect for bridesmaid gifts when you want to give something unique.  The alchemy collection is my favorite and I am sure any bridesmaid would love you for it!  If you are looking for a unique head piece in lieu of a traditional veil check out this silk organza and feather head piece designed and handmade by Ana Zannoni.  Don’t forget the flower girl!  I love this hairpin handmade by Pink and Pigtails it is sure to make her dazzle as she tosses flowers for your grand entrance.  Check out more great finds and design ideas in future posts.