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    Super Bowl 2010 Decor at the NFL Tailgate Party

    I wish I knew who was responsible for the decor at the NFL tailgate party at this year’s Super Bowl so that I can give them credit for their great work!  A section of the parking lot was transformed into a chic lounge befitting of the South Florida location.  Damask linens flanked by simple yet original centerpieces was a true testament that simple chic goes a long way.  The area was staged into several vignettes filled with white lounge furniture, huge palm trees and other tropical plants and of course delicious food!  I took plenty of photos for inspiration and to share on the blog. I was really impressed how the designers took simple details to create a great impact.  For the DIY bride please take note of how everyday items and childhood favorites can be used to decorate your wedding, shower or other event.  I love using food in my designs as it is very cost effective and fun.  Check out the centerpiece below where sunflower seeds were used for a centerpiece for one of the lounge tables.  Orchids also stood front and center in the design scheme. Orchids are also a great choice for wedding and special event flowers.  They exude luxury and can handle both indoor and outdoor temperatures.  Orchids also last a long time so you don’t have to worry about dead or wilting arrangements on your big day.  Kudos to the creator(s) of this wonderful design and if anyone knows who was responsible please let me know!  

    Great use of Sunflower Seeds in a centerpiece!

    Did I forget to mention open bar?!

    I put the wings down long enough to take the photo of this cocktail table centerpiece. White river rocks and succulents you gotta love it!


    My Love Affair with Alstromeria

    Alstromeria has become one of my favorite flowers of late.  Not only is it cost effective for the budget or DIY bride it is available year round and has great color variety.  Commonly used as a filler flower, it can easily stand alone which is why I have been using it alone in recent arrangements.  The symbolism of alstromeria is wealth, prosperity and fortune which means it is an excellent choice for couples beginning a new chapter in their lives!  I used alstromeria in several designs recently and took the opportunity to take photos to share. Take a look and let me know if you decide to incorporate this great flower in your wedding or special event.



    Uniquely Yours Invitation Boxes

    Amelia Irene Design is now a dealer of Uniquely Yours Invitation Boxes!  Think outside the envelope and send your guests and invitation in a keepsake box that they can use long after the event.  These boxes can be custom designed to match the vision of your wedding or special event.  I received my sample boxes last week and was excited to see the quality craftsmanship of the boxes.  Check back in the next month for invitation samples custom designed by amelia irene design using these great boxes.  There are numerous paper swatches to choose from and you can also customize the box with your other paper as well as digital photos.  One great idea is to use your engagement photos as an image on the boxed invitations.  Your invitation is sure to stand out!  They also come with a mailer box so you don’t have to worry about destroying the invitation in the delivery process.  If you would like me to custom design an invitation using the uniquely yours invitation box please complete the say hello section of the website.

    Check out the photos of some of the sample boxes.  I love the fact that many of the papers chosen have intricate three dimensional design.  I am looking forward to sending in my own papers for custom box invitations and adding a little luxurious details that take an invitation from average to couture.


    2010 Resolution

    Amelia Irene Design Resolutions....i will diligently post to my blog this year!

    After a year of neglect I have decided to increase my blog entries for 2010.  I have a long list of entry ideas and findings that never made its way to the pages of this blog but that will end in 2010!  Look out for our current projects we are working on, design and enterataining ideas for your special events and things that I like. 

    I also decide to officially name my blog pINK for Petals & Ink.  I have a love affair for both flowers and letterpress so I intend to blog about just as my business incorporates both.  You will learn about the wonderful world of couture floral design as well as letterpress printing. Also look out for our online store in 2010 where you can purchase our letterpress designs as well as order floral gift arrangements for local delivery in the Washington, DC metro area!