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    This has been an eventful month.  I will post photos shortly of the various cards, and floral designs I created for various events.  Now that Christmas is over and the New Year is quickly approaching I am thinking of the goals that I would like to accomplish this coming year.  Top of the list is to open and Etsy shop to sell my crafts and to participate in some craft shows to showcase my creations. 

    After a trip to paper source I am now inspired to create. There are so many beautiful papers too choose from it is hard not to spend a lot of money but I was able to remain practical and purchased black business cards and matching envelopes that I plan to letterpress for my new cards.  One of the goals on my list!  

    I look forward to a busy year and can't wait to see how many checks I place on my goal sheet.



    Somehow I have avoided the whole internet social network thing.  Just talking about it makes me feel much older than my 30 something years!  Well after a discussion at work about facebook and myspace I was convinced there was no need for me to delve in to the world of social networking online.  The same day, however, my sister, my older sister at that asked me if I had a facebook page because she just got one along with my brother-in-law!  So I decided to take a look to see what all the fuss was about.  Well needless to say I am now hooked.  I have connected with old friends from school and even former neighbors and coworkers.  If you are on facebook look me up and leave a message on my wall!

    Now what does facebook have to do with home entertaining, floral design or letterpress?  I have found that it provides me an opportunity to share my recipes and entertaining ideas with family and friends and meet others who are interested in the same things!


    Letterpress Class at Railway Station Press

    This past Saturday I took a class with Stuart Bradley of Railway Station Press Prior to this class I have been taking classes with who is also a great teacher.  In my quest for knowledge I wanted to learn from another fellow printer and see if I could expand my skill set.  To say the least I was not disappointed.  It was well worth the investment in both time and money!  You can tell Stuart has a love of printing as it is evident throughout the day of instruction.  We printed on a Chandler and Price Pilot press which I have grown to love.  I can't wait to find my own so that I can print whenever the creative juices start flowing.  Prior to this most of my printing was done on a Vandercook. Based on what I like to print (cards and invitations) I must say my preference is now the C&P Pilot.  I started working on my Holiday cards on Saturday.  I am going to reprint them however based on the feedback from my husband! He made some constructive criticism and I have decided to take his advice.  All this from the man who still doesn't understand why it takes hours to print a card and doesn't know why I won't just go and buy a box from Target!  Nonetheless he indulges me in my creative pursuits and I must admit his eye for design is great and I always take his advice because more often than not he is right…as much as I hate to admit it. I will post round one of the 2008 Christmas cards tomorrow and please let me know what you think.  I will post the final card after I have mailed them out as I want to maintain an element of surprise to those on the mailing list! 

    Almost forgot, my classmate on Saturday was really nice!  It is always nice to meet someone who is interested in letterpress and loves paper.  Only us paper lovers truly understand the addiction.  Saturday was her first time actually printing on a letterpress.  I had to leave before I saw her finished product so hopefully I will meet up with her in the near future so that I can see them.  Alice give me a holla when you can!

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