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    Colorful Bouquets

    I receive the Martha Stewart weddings daily email blast because lets face it who doesn’t love to see what Martha and her team create.  Well maybe only people like me who love all things involved with weddings, entertaining and crafts.  Nonetheless usually when I see the email come to my inbox I determine whether I look at the content right away based on the title.  So of course I couldn’t resist “colorful bouquets” which was the title for this blast.  I assumed I would open it to photos of multi color bouquets but found numerous bouquets of designed in monochromatic style of various colors.  Although it was not what I expected I was excited to see the designs because they were reflective of my own design style.  I love to group flowers of the same color family together that have different shapes and texture.  This style creates a dramatic look without having to arrange a large number of different flowers.  Take a look and tell me which bouquet is your favorite.