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    Crafty Wedding Ideas

    I love the art of craft so it is no surprise that I have built my business around the concept of handmade designs.  For me that is where is all began.  I hand wrote my invitations for the first party I ever planned, my fifth birthday party, and it is one of my most memorable childhood moments.  While I am not suggesting you handwrite the invitations to your wedding I am recommending that you incorporate handmade details for your special day.  I believe one misconception is that a handmade wedding will look cheap or second hand or that everything has to be made by the bride. The recent resurgence of young, hip craftsmen and craftswomen has abolished this myth.  A bride can now take pride that they have incorporated elements in their wedding that were made by the hands of artisans that take pride and care in their work.  Designers are creating couture creations for the simple chic bride as well as the luxury bride.  Now for the crafty savvy bride I highly encourage you to dust off those craft skills you learned long ago and take on a few handmade DIY projects that you can incorporate into your wedding.  You will soon discover what you can do yourself and what you need to rely on others to make for you.  Stay tuned for future postings of projects that I have created for the DIY bride as well as crafters that focus on handmade wedding designs.  My recent finds include Holland Cox. Her handbags and handmade organization sets are perfect for bridesmaid gifts when you want to give something unique.  The alchemy collection is my favorite and I am sure any bridesmaid would love you for it!  If you are looking for a unique head piece in lieu of a traditional veil check out this silk organza and feather head piece designed and handmade by Ana Zannoni.  Don’t forget the flower girl!  I love this hairpin handmade by Pink and Pigtails it is sure to make her dazzle as she tosses flowers for your grand entrance.  Check out more great finds and design ideas in future posts. 



    Super Bowl 2010 Decor at the NFL Tailgate Party

    I wish I knew who was responsible for the decor at the NFL tailgate party at this year’s Super Bowl so that I can give them credit for their great work!  A section of the parking lot was transformed into a chic lounge befitting of the South Florida location.  Damask linens flanked by simple yet original centerpieces was a true testament that simple chic goes a long way.  The area was staged into several vignettes filled with white lounge furniture, huge palm trees and other tropical plants and of course delicious food!  I took plenty of photos for inspiration and to share on the blog. I was really impressed how the designers took simple details to create a great impact.  For the DIY bride please take note of how everyday items and childhood favorites can be used to decorate your wedding, shower or other event.  I love using food in my designs as it is very cost effective and fun.  Check out the centerpiece below where sunflower seeds were used for a centerpiece for one of the lounge tables.  Orchids also stood front and center in the design scheme. Orchids are also a great choice for wedding and special event flowers.  They exude luxury and can handle both indoor and outdoor temperatures.  Orchids also last a long time so you don’t have to worry about dead or wilting arrangements on your big day.  Kudos to the creator(s) of this wonderful design and if anyone knows who was responsible please let me know!  

    Great use of Sunflower Seeds in a centerpiece!

    Did I forget to mention open bar?!

    I put the wings down long enough to take the photo of this cocktail table centerpiece. White river rocks and succulents you gotta love it!