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    Fenton Street Market

    This past Saturday I participated as a vendor at the Fenton Street Market.  It was a warm day so I am thankful that my mom hung in there with me most of the day until she snuck off with my nephew to enjoy a bit of the cool AC at the Border’s Book Store just up the street!  The walking traffic ebbed and flowed but during the slow times we had an opportunity to meet some of the great vendors that were there.  It is inspiring to be amongst such creativity.  I was also fortunate that Jennifer of Yummy and Company was my next door neighbor at the market.  Her jewelry is amazing and of course I spent a portion of what I made on a pair of great earrings.  She also shared some great advice which was priceless.  A cute little boy won my cards as part of the scavenger hunt.  He deserved to find them as he worked really hard.  Check out the Fenton Street Blog for more details on the hunt.

    I spent a couple of days leading up to the market at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring where I print the majority of my cards and invitations.  I own a small table top press but for large jobs I utilize the vandercook presses at Pyramid.  Below are a couple of photos of me printing my “sunshine” card. Which is one of my absolute favorites.  I designed the card in Adobe Illustrator and then had a photopolymer plate made for printing.  My original plan was to print the card on charcoal gray cardstock but I didn’t like the results.  So I switched to plan b and incorporated gray with the envelope.  I love the results.

    Also check out the photos of my booth.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do until the last minute but I enjoyed the final outcome and shoppers loved the wheatgrass.  It was definitely an attention grabber.  I am looking forward to participating in the Fenton Street Market again in the future and other craft shows.  Stay tuned and look out for the official launch of my etsy shop which will feature letterpress cards, fill-in invitations, letterpress scrapbook kits and more!










    Color Swatches and Event Planning

    In meeting with brides and other potential clients I often find the greatest challenge is trying to explain that flowers and paper don’t come in the same color as the swatch of fabric they have given me.  Particularly with  flowers in which the color is completely out of my control.  Because this is a challenge for both clients and vendors I decided to look for resources that can help both in the design process.  My goal in designing any event is to ensure that I am creating what my client wants.  This is their event and determining the right color palette for a wedding, shower or other special event is often the most crucial decision in the planning process.  The color determines everything, the mood, the color palette for the invitations, flowers, linens, cake and numerous other details.  In meeting with vendors it is very important that all of them are on the same page in regards to the colors you are incorporating.  That is why many vendors require you to provide a swatch of the colors to ensure they are able to get as close to the color as possible as it is not easy matching colors as they come in all shades.  

    Recently I have seen the ads by the Dessy Group who partnered with pantone to develop wedding swatches so that brides can finally have swatches to share with their vendors.  After seeing these ads in the latest wedding magazines I decided to head to the website and check it out.  I was impressed that not only do they provide the bride with 14 swatches they now offer a fan book of the colors so that makes it easier for vendors when consulting with brides.

    In selecting the color palette for any event just make sure you are selecting something that you will enjoy as it will be incorporated into several elements seen prior to the event, during the event and following the event.  It should reflect your personality and the theme you are trying to capture in the event.  You must own it from beginning to end, from the invitation to the thank you note.

    In addition to the Dessy Group there are other online resources available to assist in creating the perfect color palette.  Check out Adobe Kuler as well as Color Schemer. I also love the inspiration boards you can create on Style Me Pretty.  The board can immediately provide the vendor with an overall view of your vision for the event.  It also will help you stay focused on the elements of the day.

    I would love to know how you determined the color scheme for your wedding or special event.  My wedding colors were apple green and cream with hot pink accents.  Green is my favorite color so it was important to have it be the focal color of that special day. 

    Just remember that whatever color palette you select you provide the vendor with many samples of various items so that they have a better understanding of what you want.  In addition to a swatch of the fabric from the bridesmaid dress bring the invitation if it has already been selected, a sample of the favor and photos. No matter how small the item may seem it may be the very item that brings it all together.  Happy planning!