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    Field Trip to Art Star Craft Bazaar

    Who doesn't love a field trip?! Well I definitely enjoy hopping in the car and taking a road trip any opportunity I get.  I welcome the change of scenery which often sparks my creativity.  I convinced my hubby this past weekend to take a day trip with me from DC to Philly to check out the Art Star Craft Bazaar.  I had heard great things about it and wanted to see for myself.  It was well worth the trip.  In addition to seeing some of my crafty favorites I stumbled upon a new find that I immediately fell in love with.  Now as a crafter myself I am a firm believer in supporting others who take the time to create especially in the art form that I love and practice - letterpress printing.  I stumbled upon paisley dog press and had to purchase the love card and library card bookmark pictured below.  The bookmark brought back so many memories of going to the library and sitting for hours looking through numerous books until I found the one I just had to take home.  I also went to visit the yummy and company booth.  I fell in love with her designs when we were next door neighbors at the Fenton Street Market.  I bought the earrings below at Fenton Street but loved them so much I have asked her to design a larger pair for me!  Hey I love big earrings what can I say. I can't wait to see the final design.  Lastly, as I was walking through the fair I saw a flash of color on display in the form of ceramic vases, cups, and plates and it was love at first sight.  While most shopaholics like myself can't resist the allure of a gorgeous shoe or that perfect clothing item, so it is with my love affair with ceramic dishes.  It is an obsession that few know about!  As a floral designer I was immediately drawn to the vases and mugs and bowls as I don't limit my designs to off the shelf glass vases.  These wonderful designs were created by Stephanie Kao and Robert Seigel and while they probably intended the pieces I purchased to be filled with tea or some other beverage those cute little babies will be filled with flowers.  My art star experience was great and I intend to apply next year as a vendor and hopefully next year will be writing from a vendors perspective!




    It's Friday and time to crank out the to do list!

    It's Friday and after a busy week I am glad that I am now able to get in the studio and print more letterpress goodies.  After that I need to sit down and handle this growing "to do" list.  The two top items are the launch of the etsy shop and the planning of the Amelia Irene Design showcase scheduled for September 19th.  If you are a wedding planner, event planner or just planning your own wedding and/or event look out for more details of this great showcase highlighting the event designs of my business.  The date has been set and the location booked.  Check out the great location I found with the help of Jade's Events!  It's the Maison Biltmore in Adams Morgan and it is unique and intimate just like the principles I have built this business upon.  I look forward to seeing you there now I need to get the studio to scratch off one item of the to do list today.  Check out the designs in a later post.



    Fenton Street Market

    This past Saturday I participated as a vendor at the Fenton Street Market.  It was a warm day so I am thankful that my mom hung in there with me most of the day until she snuck off with my nephew to enjoy a bit of the cool AC at the Border’s Book Store just up the street!  The walking traffic ebbed and flowed but during the slow times we had an opportunity to meet some of the great vendors that were there.  It is inspiring to be amongst such creativity.  I was also fortunate that Jennifer of Yummy and Company was my next door neighbor at the market.  Her jewelry is amazing and of course I spent a portion of what I made on a pair of great earrings.  She also shared some great advice which was priceless.  A cute little boy won my cards as part of the scavenger hunt.  He deserved to find them as he worked really hard.  Check out the Fenton Street Blog for more details on the hunt.

    I spent a couple of days leading up to the market at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring where I print the majority of my cards and invitations.  I own a small table top press but for large jobs I utilize the vandercook presses at Pyramid.  Below are a couple of photos of me printing my “sunshine” card. Which is one of my absolute favorites.  I designed the card in Adobe Illustrator and then had a photopolymer plate made for printing.  My original plan was to print the card on charcoal gray cardstock but I didn’t like the results.  So I switched to plan b and incorporated gray with the envelope.  I love the results.

    Also check out the photos of my booth.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do until the last minute but I enjoyed the final outcome and shoppers loved the wheatgrass.  It was definitely an attention grabber.  I am looking forward to participating in the Fenton Street Market again in the future and other craft shows.  Stay tuned and look out for the official launch of my etsy shop which will feature letterpress cards, fill-in invitations, letterpress scrapbook kits and more!