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    Stumbled upon Recycled Bride

    My latest internet addiction is Stumble Upon, a web search engine and social media site combined.  You utilize the stumble tool bar to navigate through the web to sites that you are interested in.  When registering on the site you have an opportunity to select various topics of interest and you will only stumble on sites that fall within those categories.  You can also identify your favorites and connect with friends who share similar interests and share websites with them hence the social media aspect of the site.

    Well I have found some really great sites as a result of stumble upon one in particular is The Recycled Bride.  I really wish I knew about this when I got married.  I had so many items that I could have sold to recoup some of the cost spent.  With numerous categories you are bound to find something that you can use for your wedding or sell to someone else.  The other great part is it is free to buy and sell.